Getting Organized in Sales

I read an article recently wherein a sales person lamented the challenge of staying organized as a sales person. Anytime I read these articles, I chuckle a bit to myself.

I used to be the guy that had a desk filled with papers, folders and stacks upon stacks of business cards.

I always thought that it was just a part of the life of a sales guy – I didn’t have time to stay organized, I needed to be out there selling.

Then I learned that it was all crap – excuses for why I didn’t take the time to develop the habits that I needed to keep myself organized and more productive.

I finally figured out that life as a sales guy doesn’t have to be that way when I started working from a co-working space. There was no desk to keep cluttered up with papers and folders. The stack of business cards I collected from networking events all of a sudden became a survivalist game of asking myself which ones to keep and which ones to get rid of.

I finally had to start being honest with myself about all the busy work I was creating for myself. And I finally realized I spent more time sifting through the mess than I did actually selling.

The “sales life” doesn’t have to be filled with clutter. In fact, if it is, you’re doing it wrong – and you’re losing money.

Get your habits in place. Get the systems down that help you sell. Implement your CRM (I had to throw that in there).

However you do it – just get organized.

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