How Do I Produce Interesting Content?

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I got the question, “How do I produce interesting content?”

And that is a phenomenal question.

I love that question.

So there are a lot of ways to do it, but there really when it comes down to it, the key answer is to find out what your audience is interested in, and then create content for that. Right?

There are tons and tons and tons of platforms out there that you can use to find out what your audience is interested in that surround your kind of area of focus for your business.

So use things like Quora; use things like Reddit; use things like

If you’re really familiar with Google Trends and things like that, you can play around with that stuff.

But there are so many different tools that are out there to find out what your people or what the people who are interested in buying your kind of stuff are interested in. Right?

So, go to Quora, do a quick search, find out. Go to Reddit, look at a subreddit, find out what people are asking about.

But use those tools and then create content around that.

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