How To Send Cold Emails and Not Get Blacklisted as a Scammer

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So recently we talked about, will your marketing efforts be served by pulling emails from sites like Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. We talked a little bit about that before.

But today I want to talk about how you’re sending those emails.

It’s important to understand that sending cold emails through third-party platforms like Mission Suite and some others – all the others really – is against the terms and conditions.

It’s kind of illegal according to spam laws, so you want to be really careful about how you’re doing that because sending emails through third-party systems is a no-go.

Now there are a lot of great platforms out there that will send cold emails directly through your email. So they’ll connect to Outlook, they’ll connect to Gmail, and they work really well.

Personally, I like Woodpecker a lot. I know that I have some friends who have used Lemlist; they like them a lot. There’s Outreach, things like that.

But there are systems that are out there specifically designed for cold emailing. So make sure that you’re using one of those.

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