What Is Email Marketing Automation?

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I recently saw a question about what email marketing automation is.

And well, this is one that I’m particularly suited for because Mission Suite is an email marketing platform. Not that this is to pitch Mission Suite directly, but you know, use Mission Suite.

But seriously, email marketing automation is a system or a practice where you can automate sending emails based on certain trigger points. Somebody downloads a whitepaper from your website and an email goes out automatically to for them to download it. That’s email automation.

Email marketing automation has been around for ever for a very, very, very long time. I think Aweber was the first to come out with these autoresponders. When somebody downloads something, then you get Email One, then 90 days later, Email Three and so on and so forth.

But email marketing automation, very simply, is just the practice of automatically sending emails based on specific triggers.

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