The Unified Marketing Method

The strongest way to generate leads and build stronger relationships that lead to more business.

Unified Marketing Method

Unified Marketing is redefining marketing and sales for the digital age...again...

Marketing has become so disjointed. Sales and marketing leaders need to manage one platform for their CRM, another for inbound lead generation, another for automation and yet another for simple email marketing! All of these tools that are supposed to make our lives so much easier have made marketing so cumbersome that management can be a nightmare. Unified marketing brings all of those tools together in one, easy to use system.

What's in the graphic?

Along the top you'll see the familiar needs of sales and marketing - lead generation, lead nurturing, the marketing and selling process and sales management.  These are the ongoing goals that every sales and marketing team must work together to pursue in order to grow sales. The bottom section shows the primary tools that sales and marketing leaders use to accomplish these goals. Note that these tools are listed under the main goals that they serve but are essential at various steps of the marketing process.

What Is Unified Marketing?

Unified marketing is about bringing all of your revenue generation activities into one system. A solid unified marketing platform tracks all of your sales activity, manages your pipeline, automates your sales and marketing tasks, and helps you generate inbound leads through the content that you're already developing.

Unified marketing helps

Consultants and Solo-entrepreneurs: By automating a lot of the tasks that go along with business development, consultants and entrepreneurs are able to shorten the curve between client engagements by ensuring that business development is always happening - even when you're working on something else.

Marketing Managers: Marketing managers who have to navigate the various needs of a growing business enjoy the ability to manage all of their marketing activities in one marketing system, not three. From email marketing to automation and lead scoring, unified marketing enables you to manage it all.

Sales and Marketing Leaders: Tired of sales and marketing blaming each other for stagnant growth? Unified marketing enables them to work in the same platform to help them work better together. And it empowers you to manage them with insights and forecasting you may not have previously had access to.

Unified Marketing exists at the intersection of customer, marketing and selling.

When your marketing system is completely focused on bringing the entire customer experience together with the marketing and sales process, you reach your revenue goals - it's that simple.

Unified Marketing Intersection