Will My Marketing Efforts Benefit from Extracting Emails from Sites Like Instagram?

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The question came up, “Will my marketing efforts benefit from pulling emails from sites like Instagram?”

Well, outside of the fact that it’s, I think, against their terms and conditions, to pull emails and to use scraping tools for things like that. You know, kind of breezing past that for a second, then yeah, it’s entirely possible that your marketing efforts will benefit from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, all those social media sites, for sure.

And now the challenge is really determining where your audience is. Because if your audience is all B2B, then Instagram is probably not the best place to be pulling emails from because, well, a lot of the people there while yes, they are business owners (maybe) there is there’s no way to target them in that way. So you’re kind of using a shotgun approach to try to get a very targeted result.

You’re much better off using something that you can get specific, a tool like LeadFuze to pull email addresses because you’re going to be able to target a lot more effectively.

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