How Do I Write a Good Cold Email?

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The question came up, “How do I write a good cold email?”

Well, I’ve got three different things to talk about for you.

Number one, subject line. If your subject line isn’t good, if it’s not intriguing, if it’s not going to get people to open it, nothing else is going to matter.

Number two is content. Now content all depends on what your goal is. Do you want people to respond to you? Do you want people to click on a link? What do you want them to do? Take that into account and think about what sort of engaging content you’re going to need. Ask questions, try to get them to do something, try to get them to think differently about something. But most of all, keep it short, keep it sweet, keep it direct, and to the point. Make sure that whatever you’re pitching is exactly spelled out really quickly and really easily inside of that email.

And then finally, and most importantly, is test, test, test, test, test. Test your subject lines, test different content, test different response types, everything. Test everything.

That’s how you’re going to write a good cold email.

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