How Quickly Should I Respond to an Inbound Lead?

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So the question came up, “How quickly should I respond to an inbound lead?”

Well, that’s a simple answer: Right away.

Don’t wait. Don’t let five minutes go by, don’t let 10 minutes go by. Use some sort of automation to get an automated response to that customer, to that contact, right off the bat inside of seconds, inside of minutes if you have to, but the sooner the better.

There are some crazy statistics out there that talk about this. My favorite is probably the fact that if you let five minutes go by and then respond to somebody, you’re 10x more likely to get a follow-up response than if you let 10 minutes go by. An extra five minutes gives you a 10x lead!

And think about this. Most businesses respond inside of what 47-48 hours? Something like that. That’s the industry average. That’s two days for your competitors to get to your clients. That’s two days for them to talk themselves out of making a purchase.

Don’t wait. Respond right away.

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