What Tools do Salespeople Need to Find Customers?

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The question came up, “What tools do salespeople need to find customers?”

Well, there are a few things really.

At the very, very basic level, you need a way to figure out where your customers are and who your customers should be. Right? So some sort of a prospecting tool. In the early days, a lot of times that’s a Google search for maybe a Yelp search, something like that, to find businesses or find customers that you’re going to reach out to. As you grow, then maybe something like LeadFuze or LinkedIn Sales Navigator would work for you.

You definitely need some sort of a CRM, some sort of a way to manage the interaction with your contacts, with your customers, and with your prospects. You know, how many times you’ve talked to those people, when you need to follow up, things like that.

There are plenty of tools out there. Of course, Mission Suite is the best one, in my opinion.

But there are a bunch of other things out there, but those are the two big ones. And then, of course, a cell phone and an email.

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