What Is the Best CRM to Use for Marketing Automation?

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The question came up, “What is the best CRM to use for easy marketing automation?”

And the answer to that, you know, beyond saying just Mission Suite, is really what is important to you. Right? I don’t know what’s important to you. Nobody does. There is no way to answer the question of which one is the best one.

The only question that we can answer is which one the best one is for you, right? Because they all function the same way. They take the information in your CRM, they take the emails that you build them the email builder and then send those emails based on triggers that you’ve created in your campaign.

Beyond that, the things that I look for, how is it priced? What does it do? What are the functionality does it have? Does it have the all the things that I need in it? Of course, those are the things that you want to be looking for.

But the big one is: What’s the support like? Because if I’m looking for something that’s easy to use, odds are I’m also looking for somebody to help me use it. And so I need to know what the support system is like and am I going to have to pay through the nose for support? Or are you going to make sure that I’m able to use the system at no additional cost?

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