Curating Content for Your Social Media Accounts

Social media can be a powerful brand driver. It’s a way to keep in touch with your connections, it shows expertise in your field and can encourage people to engage directly with you and your brand to increase loyalty and overall engagement. But do you really have to come up with all of that content […]

Developing KPIs for Your Content Marketing Plan

At this point we’ve been discussing content marketing for a while now and I hope you’ve gotten some good insight into how to develop a content marketing team and build and execute on your strategy. The last post in this series on content marketing will focus on your KPIs. Last week, we discussed the importance […]

Tracking Success of Content Marketing Efforts

Recently I was with a couple of friends of mine who own startups and were using Hosted ELK to manage their business in a much simpler way, and the topic at hand this time was all about content marketing. During the conversation, we got into a pretty familiar conversation. At one point, they both started […]

Content Promotion Learning Curve

Content marketing can be a terrific way to expand your online presence but, as mentioned in our last article, your content distribution strategy is the key to making sure that this strategy bears any fruit. Last time we discussed the three different buckets of content distribution; this time we’re going to focus on the “paid” […]

Your Content Delivery Could Be The Missing Link In Your Marketing Strategy

You’ve got great content. You spent plenty of time and money writing blog articles, creating infographics, recording videos. Your creative team was relevant, witty and profound and you’re impatiently awaiting the explosion of business opportunities that are bound to be generated from it. So you send it out to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and all of […]

Your Content Marketing Team – Who Do You Need to Be Successful?

Everyone’s talking about content marketing these days. With blogging, social media and email marketing being so prevalent, it seems like it’s such an easy way to build an online presence. The problem is that content marketing is something that needs to be planned and executed well to be effective and to do that, you need […]

change your marketing automation software

When Is It Time to Change Your Marketing Automation Software?

You’ve been using a marketing automation service for a while, but for some reason, you’re not satisfied with the service. Most of the time, you experience frustrating problems that prevent you from conducting your business as efficiently as possible and the marketing is important for this, and there are some great local SEO business which […]

Keeping Rapport While Building Your Automation Funnel

Building new business leads is arguably one of the most important things to do for your marketing to succeed. To do so, many have turned to marketing automation as means of closing deals with existing leads. Numbers seem to support this as an effective strategy specially when a Funnel Scripts, best copywriting software is used—more […]

5 Myths of Automated Marketing

Using automated marketing software should definitely be a part of your business life. There a multitude of well-established reasons for the effectiveness of such software, with greater profits being chief among them. Efficiency isn’t a bad thing to garner either. But there are some misconceptions about automated marketing that could lead to it not being […]

3 Reasons Why Monkeys Should Never Come Close to Your Marketing Plan

I am here today to discuss something completely different from our usual topics. Not automated marketing, not social media marketing… monkeys. No really, in light of our #NeverTrustaMonkey campaign this week, I am here to discuss the primate’s competency (or should I say incompetency) to manage your email marketing. They’re indifferent to your marketing success […]

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A Step by Step Guide to Account Based Marketing Tactics

Recently, I wrote an article here on our blog called A Beginner’s Guide to Account Based Marketing. After I published that article, I ended up getting a lot of positive feedback from it, along with a lot of questions about account based marketing tactics. Turns out there are a lot of people who understand the […]

The Growing Popularity of CRM Software

A fair number of businesses wrestle with the question of whether or not to use Customer Relations Management (CRM) software. One reason for this is that it may be a bit abstract in their minds. They may be hearing that social networking can at least partially replace CRM tools. But when mulling over your business’s […]