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Should You Buy Sales Software or Marketing Software That’s Priced Per User?

Anyone who’s looked into buying sales software or marketing software has probably been pretty surprised by the cost of these systems. It seems like every CRM, marketing automation system, even some email marketing tools are priced in such a way that most small and mid sized companies can’t (or don’t want to) afford them. I […]

Consistency is Important in Your Newsletter Email

Consistency is one of the keys to building a brand presence on and off the internet. Consistency is also an important factor in your newsletter email campaigns. Your marketing activities can create a synergy by creating a whole which is greater than the sum of its parts. This is basically the definition of consistency in […]

Timing is Everything in Email Marketing

Email marketing is a viable and profitable way to create traffic to your website. The components needed in an effective email campaign include quality content, a call to action, and timing your email so that people will actually open them, read them, and then act. You may not have given much thought to timing except […]

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How to Create a Call to Action that Converts Traffic to Leads

In the digital marketing world, we throw the term call to action around quite a bit. Whether you’re running inbound marketing campaigns or email marketing campaigns, it’s the key question any time you want to improve the conversion rate of your landing page or email campaigns. Your call to action is what separates a high […]

Advantages of Email Over Social Media

Social media has plenty of opportunities for marketers and can be a valuable part of their marketing mix but email has some power behind it too. There are plenty of advantages of email over social media – here are a few that we’ve seen. One of the biggest advantages of email is personalization You can […]

10 Benefits of Email Preference Options

Using an email preference center, where subscribers can personalize their email preferences is a great idea. This gives subscribers the opportunity to modify their preferences, like what content they receive and when they will receive it. It also gives them a place to opt-in to additional emails or unsubscribe from them completely.  This can really […]

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Images in Emails – Should You Be Using Them?

Often times when a website visitor is signing up for emails, they have the option between HTML and text. HTML can do so many things that makes plain text look just boring. It’s most attractive asset is the ability to incorporate images in your emails. But should images be part of your email? Here is […]

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How To Implement the Best CRM Practices For Your Business

A big part of creating a successful business is not just the amount of sales you make each month or how many followers you have on your business’ social media accounts. While that’s certainly important, none of that would be possible unless you put your customers first. Your customer relationship management strategy, or your CRM, […]

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5 Proven Email Marketing Concepts To Get Your Emails Read Every Time

There is no denying that email marketing is an important part of any business and understanding the email marketing concepts that apply to your business – whether it is a brick and mortar business, an online store or a service based business – is even more important to running a successful campaign. Understanding Basic Email […]

The Art of Blogging

A long time ago, I sat on a teleconference presentation on blogging. This was a pretty odd day for me for a couple reasons. First of all, I haven’t been on a teleconference presentation since the late 90s. Not having to sit in front of a PowerPoint presentation taking over my screen was kind of […]

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How to Increase Business to Business Sales Using Email Marketing

When you market products or services to other businesses an email marketing campaign can help you increase business sales. However, you can’t always use the same techniques to market to a business that you use when marketing to an individual. After all, most businesses have a marketing department, they understand how the process works, and […]