How to Create a Referral Network That Actually Produces Referrals

Recently I had a conversation with a friend and networking partner about how to get more referrals for her business. While we were talking, she mentioned that she was feeling like she does a ton of networking but isn’t getting the referrals to show for all of her work. Does this sound familiar? It’s pretty […]

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Selling Based On Needs

I just read an article that dove pretty in depth into why you should be a “needs-based” sales person. I laughed. Realistically, is there any other kind? And aren’t those called “con men”? If you spend your life creating a need where none exists, two things seem to be true to me: you’re working MUCH […]

Getting Organized in Sales

I read an article recently wherein a sales person lamented the challenge of staying organized as a sales person. Anytime I read these articles, I chuckle a bit to myself. I used to be the guy that had a desk filled with papers, folders and stacks upon stacks of business cards. I always thought that […]

“Stop Selling”

“Stop selling”   We hear it all the time but when did “selling” become a bad word?   “Focus on trying to help your customers”   Ok that sounds good. But tell me, Yoda, how do I do that? After all, at it’s core, isn’t “selling” your products or services simply the process by which […]

Leadership and Your CRM

Often times, sales managers will use their CRM simply as an accountability tool – how many calls did my team make at the end of the day? how many meetings did they schedule? what do their numbers look like? The downside of CRMs is that they have the tendency to turn well meaning management into […]

How To Implement a Repeatable Sales Process Through Automation

After learning about the different sales methodologies and the essential steps to a sales process, it’s time to actually implement what you know. This is the hard part. It’s one thing to know how to go about creating a sales process, but it’s another to actually bite the bullet, sit down, and do the required […]

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How to Create a Repeatable Sales Process for Your Team

Creating a reliable sales process for your team is vital for any company that wants to continue to convert high-qualified leads into customers. While most experienced sales team members are comfortable with nurturing leads through various stages of the sales cycle, it can be difficult to train new sales hires without losing valuable time. This […]

These Are The 5 Best Practices for Onboarding New Clients

After you’ve closed on a deal with a new client, company leaders will have to work with their various teams in order to onboard this new client. Onboarding means something different for each type of business, but in general, it means welcoming this client to the company. This is not necessarily the type of onboarding […]

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The 5 Stages of Lead-Nurturing: A Comprehensive Series

Trying to bring in leads and eventually close a deal is one of the hardest aspects of a business. Without prospective leads, there wouldn’t be any possibility for your business to grow and for your company to make a healthy profit or ROI. But, when it comes to leads, one must tread lightly. There are […]

Here’s How Sales and Marketing Automation Can Impact Revenue

Have you been running your online business or a channel on Youtube with the aim of making money out of it for quite some time now? Then you’ve probably heard some good things about sales and marketing automation using which you can rank faster when you buy views on YouTube from a reputable provider. These […]

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How You Can Use Sales Prospecting Techniques for Higher Success Rates

There are many different ways in which a company can bring in leads for their business. One of these ways is through sales prospecting. While inbound marketing can definitely work well for many businesses, sales leaders can sometimes rely on this strategy too much. Instead, they should go back and put a focus on one […]

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7 Questions to Help You Create a Qualified Lead

One of the best gifts a business leader can receive is a new lead. Each time you bring in a lead, you’re one step closer to making a sale. But, always remember that there’s a difference between people who are considered general leads and people who are considered a qualified lead. Sometimes, a person will […]