“Stop Selling”

“Stop selling”
We hear it all the time but when did “selling” become a bad word?
“Focus on trying to help your customers”
Ok that sounds good. But tell me, Yoda, how do I do that? After all, at it’s core, isn’t “selling” your products or services simply the process by which you uncover a need and try to fulfill it? And isn’t that the true definition of helping others?
Sure, there are plenty of really BAD sales people out there. And there are plenty of unethical sales people out there. And it’s unfortunate because they give sales people a bad name to the public.
But can’t we at least acknowledge to one another that selling isn’t actually a bad thing and is, in fact the way that we’re able to help others?
I mean it’s not like we’re delivering water to people dying of thirst or getting people off the street (well unless that’s your business), but it’s how we enter the world. It’s how we can provide a little bit of service and assistance to those we encounter. And, if you’re good at your job, it can make a huge difference to them.
So keep selling, sales person. But sell well. Sell ethically. And sell to the right people.
You’ll find that you make all the difference in the world to those you help.

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