Leadership and Your CRM

Often times, sales managers will use their CRM simply as an accountability tool – how many calls did my team make at the end of the day? how many meetings did they schedule? what do their numbers look like?

The downside of CRMs is that they have the tendency to turn well meaning management into Big Brother – some omnipresent entity that is watching their sales team’s every move.

Sales people don’t often respond well to that.

Don’t get me wrong, accountability in sales is important but, when it comes to a CRM, enablement is much more so.

How is your CRM working for your team? Is it getting their follow up emails out automatically? Is it nurturing their leads through the sales process? How is it HELPING your team close business?

Sales people tend to respond much more favorably to the idea of a system that’s there to help them do their job (closing business) than one that’s just there to make sure they’re making all their cold calls every day.

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