Email Marketing Landing Pages: How to Increase Sign Ups

Email marketing landing pages are a great way to attract new customers and sign ups. You can use the pages in many different ways. However, there are two main goals for any landing page, you either want a direct sale or you want to gather data for future marketing campaigns. Some people use separate landing […]

Email Marketing Landing Pages: WordPress VS .Com

When you are ready to develop your email marketing landing pages you have too basic choices for your site. You can buy a .com url or you can sign up for a WordPress page. Each option has distinct advantages and disadvantages for business owners. However, there are three main things you will want to consider […]

Email Marketing Your Business: 5 Steps to Success

Starting an email marketing campaign takes a lot of work and planning. This process is not something you start on a whim or figure out as you go. If you want to be successful in your email marketing campaign consider the following five steps to ensure success. Step One: Develop a List or Database The […]

Increase Business to Business Sales With Email Marketing Landing Pages

When you market products or services to other businesses an email marketing campaign can help you increase sales. However, you can’t always use the same techniques to market to a business that you use when marketing to an individual. After all, most businesses have a marketing department, they understand how the process works, and they […]

Landing Page Layout: 3 Things You Need On Your Page

You can buy hundreds of books that will tell you how to build a landing page. There are literally thousands of articles on the internet explaining what you need to include on a landing page. However, with all of this information and direction most people are still confused about what they should include in a […]