Trigger Based Emails

Trigger based messages are emails that are sent automatically, based on important events related to your subscribers actions.  It is an approach of email marketing that can make a huge difference in the results from your email marketing campaign. Welcome messages, reminders to repurchase needed products, ‘we miss your business’ messages and celebratory birthday emails […]

Reactivating Recipients: Getting Them Interested Again

You started a new email marketing campaign and it was successful, but now you are a few months into it and found that you are carrying some dead weight, inactive subscribers. Inactive subscribers can really weigh down your marketing campaign. In order to re-engage these inactives, you have to think about why they are sedentary. […]


CAN-SPAM stands for Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing.  The CAN-SPAM act is the first set of national standards for the sending of commercial email. It also requires the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) to enforce its provisions. It exempts only transactional and personal messages. It was put in place to protect email users […]

Write a Killer Call to Action

In internet marketing, call to action is a common term. A call to action is basically something that compels your readers or visitor to do what you want them to do; click, sign up, donate, call, visit, buy or hire. In your email message, your call to action turns recipients into leads. There are many […]

Standing Out in a Crowded Inbox

In order for your email to stand out to the recipient, you need to focus on four concepts: simplicity, color, proportion and message focus. It is important to make an impression to the reader because people get so much email every day. Simplicity: You need to keep things simple. People generally scan their emails, which […]

5 Email Marketing Mistakes

1. Making it difficult to unsubscribe or change email preferences. The reader may want to alter the frequency or change their preferences instead of opting completely out of the messages. If this is difficult or not even possible, they may just unsubscribe. If a reader no longer wants to receive your messages and they don’t […]

Optimizing Opt-In

List building is an important part of your email marketing campaign, but in order to build a list you need a way for people to sign up.  A easy way to have people opt in to your messages, is to place a sign up box on your website. Website visitors don’t usually search for an […]

Building a Responsive Email List

  In order for your email marketing to be most effective, you need to send the messages to the right audience. It’s better to send emails to 500 interested people, than 5000 random people. In order to get those interested people’s email address you have get them on your list. Visibility and ease of sign […]

Permission, Value, Brevity, etc.

Email marketing is a great tool for business, but there are some issues to consider with an email marketing campaign. You need to think about how you got the email addresses you are sending to and if you have permission to send them, the value of your offer/info/product to the recipient, brevity of your message, […]

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5 Proven Email Marketing Concepts To Get Your Emails Read Every Time

There is no denying that email marketing is an important part of any business and understanding the email marketing concepts that apply to your business – whether it is a brick and mortar business, an online store or a service based business – is even more important to running a successful campaign. Understanding Basic Email […]

First Contact and Retention: You have an email list, now what?

The first e-mail you send to potential clients is the most important. The recipient will probably look at the sender and the subject line first, before opening it, deciding whether it is worth reading or sending to the trash bin. If you make it through that, you have to have content that won’t bore them, […]

The Basics of Direct Email Marketing

Direct email marketing is still an incredibly popular form of marketing today – and with good reason. The Internet has changed the dynamics of marketing and the users can actually reach people all across the world easily. In the beginning of email use, no one could have ever imagined that emails would become a popular […]