First Contact and Retention: You have an email list, now what?

The first e-mail you send to potential clients is the most important. The recipient will probably look at the sender and the subject line first, before opening it, deciding whether it is worth reading or sending to the trash bin. If you make it through that, you have to have content that won’t bore them, […]

The Basics of Direct Email Marketing

Email marketing has become a very popular form of marketing today. The Internet has changed the dynamics of marketing and the users can actually reach people all across the world easily. Email is short for electronic mail. In the beginning of email use, no one could have ever imagines that emails would become a popular […]

Email Marketing- The Motivation Concentration

The best email marketing concept can be summarized in three words – give to receive. Try to think about this idea from the customers point of view. Customers are assaulted with marketing from all varieties of sources and they get tired of feeling as if the business owner is only interested in what’s in their […]

Word of Mouth Marketing Stemming from Email Marketing

Sometimes the benefits of email marketing are quite different than expected. Most internet marketers understand the basics of email marketing which is to email promotional materials and information to a large group of Internet users to promote an interest in your business, products or services. This is a simple concept to understand but occasionally there […]

Pros and Cons of Email Marketing

Marketing through email is a very economical and efficient way of communicating with potential and current customers and clients. When it is properly done, it can help you create brand identification and dependability. Email marketing is a great bargain compared to traditional ‘direct mail’ marketing strategies. Furthermore, email marketing has a strong response rate with […]

Email Marketing Best Practices

Email marketing can offer unprecedented returns on investment. Direct response marketing is a very powerful strategy for reaching your target audience and soliciting a controlled & tracked response. When email marketing is carefully considered as a component of this strategy it produces a number of quantifiable advantages. The advertiser can accelerate the number of responses […]

The Power of Email Marketing

If you’re a business owner, then you’re constantly looking for ways to market your products and services. While you have used traditional marketing efforts, you are now exploring ways to use internet marketing to its fullest potential. One of those ways is email marketing. Too often, companies overlook this form of marketing because they feel […]

Email Marketing

In this virtual age e-mail marketing has become a staple in terms of communication.  Various fund-raising efforts rely solely on such a tool, various sales groups also rely heavily on e-mail marketing.  It’s imperative to understand the difference between e-mail marketing efforts versus various other forms of e-mail communication.  Using e-mail as a marketing tool […]

3 Reasons You Should Consider Email Marketing

Every online business needs to use email marketing and landing pages if they want to be successful. In fact, brick and mortar stores can even benefit from marketing online with email. However, there are three distinct reasons that email marketing landing pages are more effective than traditional forms of advertising. Consider the following three reasons […]

Email Marketing Landing Pages are the Key to Success

Email marketing has become a great way to market any company today. In fact, many businesses spend thousands of dollars generating email lists and developing emails that will attract or retain customers. However, recent studies show that over half of all email marketing campaigns fail due to the lack of a good email marketing landing […]

Retain Visitor Info With Your Email Marketing Campaign

Many companies today use email marketing as a source for increased revenue. However, most companies buy a list of emails and never know anything about the people they are reaching out to. If you want to develop a successful email marketing campaign you need to know who you are marketing to, and what you can […]

Email Marketing Landing Pages: Track Your Email for Better Results

Email marketing landing pages are very important to conducting online business today. Landing pages allow you to convert visitors into sales, gather emails for upcoming email campaigns, and track what marketing strategies work and which ones do not. However, if you want your email marketing campaign to be successful you need to track the clicks […]