Content Promotion Learning Curve

Content marketing can be a terrific way to expand your online presence but, as mentioned in our last article, your content distribution strategy is the key to making sure that this strategy bears any fruit. Last time we discussed the three different buckets of content distribution; this time we’re going to focus on the “paid” channel of content distribution and highlight a few lessons that we’ve learned to hopefully help shorten the learning curve of content promotion.

Constantly Test Your Ideas in Small Doses

The content marketing space is crowded, no question. Scrolling through our Facebook and Twitter feeds gives us a sense of just how crowded it is, and it probably won’t be thinning out any time soon. With this overcrowding, there will come new platforms, new landing page ideas and new campaigns. If your content marketing team is worth its salt, they’ll be bringing you new ideas on how to get your content in front of new eyeballs on a fairly regular basis. That’s great, but it can also get expensive very quickly. To avoid this, segment your content promotion budget and keep a small allocation for testing new ideas. It’s kind of like baseball – two or three ideas out of every ten will land and generate a return. When you find those, work them into your main promotional budget and test your next idea.

Remember That ROI Doesn’t Always Mean Dollars

Of course at the end of the day, you’re probably going to be judged on revenue growth but remember that there are other ways to gauge the success of your content marketing strategy. With all of the information that’s available on the web today people probably aren’t going to convert based on one touch so make sure that you’re judging the return of your content promotion on more than simple leads or purchases. Make sure that, in your focus on revenue, you’re not missing out on things like generating email subscriptions, encouraging your visitors to share your content on social media and driving more page views.

Have Questions? Ask Someone

One thing about marketers is that they love to talk. If you’re hitting some roadblocks with your content marketing strategy, ask someone for some advice. Find someone who’s been down this path before to find out what they’ve done. There’s far too much information out there for one person to explore so put your head together with someone else. If you’re a business owner working on your own content marketing strategy, reach out to a marketing firm and ask for an initial consultation – and bring questions like:

  • How can I reduce my CPA (cost per acquisition)?
  • What best practices would you recommend with a campaign like mine?
  • How can I target my audience to help reduce my CPA?
  • When should I terminate my campaign?


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