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‘Cause You Know We’re All About Your Brand

No matter what marketing trends you follow, making your business all about your brand is a traditional way of thinking. But, there’s a reason tradition is tradition. It sticks around throughout the years. A solid brand is the single representation of a company, that people will associate for better or for worse.

Brands can also be interesting. Just take a look at Samsung. Their recent catastrophe with the Galaxy 7S Note rang worldwide, and of course, took a hit at their brand. Luckily, a trusted brand like Samsung won’t have any permanent damage.

We can only hope that all of us have a brand that really holds meaning for our customers, at every stage in the experience. Here are some tips on creating that for your company.

A Brand Should Create Instant Recognition

If you grew up in this century, and we’re willing to bet that you did, then you can probably name at least 100 brands. If you can recognize those golden arches from a mile away, then you know what we’re talking about. Your brand should aim to have that same recognition. While it may never be as widely known as Mcdonald’s, it should at least be recognizable within your audience’s network.

brand, brand marketing, brand strategy, your brand

Spend Time on Developing Your Brand

If you want your brand to create instant recognition then you’re going to have to spend time on it and probably some money, too. A brand should be one of the first things you do when you’re getting your company off the ground. And, if you’re worried you may change your mind later on, that’s okay. Companies go through re-branding all the time, for instance, airbnb. To make an attractive brand, you might need to call in some experts. And, remember, a brand isn’t just about images, colors, and sayings. It’s about finding that “thing” that truly encompasses what your company is about, even quicker than an elevator speech.


Without being a brand diva, your company should make a point to include your brand everywhere and in everything. Have it clear on your website. Throw it on your business cards. Make merchandise (if it applies to your company) with your logo on it. Make sure your customers can remember who you are, and the people who they associate with can learn about you, too. (Think…pins and badges!).

brand management, brand marketing, your brand

Your Brand is Your Company

So, when you see those golden arches that were mentioned before, what do you think about? Is it childhood memories? Happy Meal toys? A nice serving of french fries after a soccer game? For others, it might be a negative association, which is also important to pay attention to so you can try to avoid that.

At the end of the day, your brand is your company. It’s the relationship you have with your customers. What you do for people. How your product can make people’s lives better. Along with all these things, your brand also demonstrates what kind of company you are. A solid brand that’s been around a while and that people can recognize, most likely means you’re trustworthy, valuable, organized, and professional. Things that all potential customers look for before they make a purchase at one brand over another.

Always Grow Your Brand

There are many ways to grow your brand, and if you do it right, you’ll be able to tie it into everything else you do. By creating content, sharing on social media (appropriately), and building relationships not only with customers but affiliates, you can really spread the word. Growing your brand is the umbrella term of everything else. As your brand grows, so will your leads, your customers, and your profits.

Managing your brand or implementing a brand strategy takes a lot of work. Request a demo at The Mission Suite to see how we can help you take some of the work off your hands.

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