Can Your Company Add This to Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

We heard it loud and clear; companies are paving the way for new digital marketing strategies in the coming year. And, while digital marketing can refer to a ton of different things, we’re talking about videos.

Making the switch to video marketing means a lot of adjustments to your current content, including finding people at your company who know how to do a little acting! Okay, not quite. But, creating meaningful videos as a part of your digital marketing strategy is no walk in the park.

If you’re hoping to utilize this trend without any prior experience, you’re going to need some pointers. Here’s how to incorporate video marketing into your content strategy for the new year.

digital marketing strategy, video marketing

Analyze Your Budget

How much can your company realistically invest? If you’re going to take video marketing seriously, you may need to purchase new equipment, as well as hire a person or a team that knows how to put the whole thing together. However, if video marketing is just something you want to experiment with, then maybe hold off on dropping a large portion of your budget just now.

Regardless, if this is something you think you will want to get into eventually, it’s going to be an investment. Discuss this with your team and remember, a good video marketing campaign will mean more leads and a higher profit.

Don’t Get Sidetracked

No one is expecting your company to come out with the next Steven Spielberg movie. That being said, you don’t really get a free pass when it comes to making videos. It still needs to look good and be effective. The easiest way to accomplish both these criteria is by sticking to one main idea, without getting sidetracked. What are you trying to show your audience with this video? What’s the goal? Is it a replacement for your current written content, or a supplement? Whatever it is, make sure the video is short and to the point. About 15-45 seconds for a short video, and two minutes for a longer video.

digital marketing strategy, video marketing

Where to Host Your Video

If you’re going to start creating videos as a way to bring in leads, you should also think about who is going to host the videos. While some companies seek out Youtube or Facebook, others will just use their own website. We can’t really tell you which one is best for you, but consider the competition before choosing one method over another.

Couple Your Video with a Promotional Strategy

A video on its own is just a video. In order for it to mean something, it has to have a promotional strategy that goes along with it, just like any other type of content. Don’t think that simply making a video is going to have the leads lining up at your door. Decide how you’re going to promote this video, whether it be through email, social media, or at an event you’re hosting (or all three).

Don’t Wing It If You Can’t Manage It

Despite the fact that video marketing is becoming hot with users, creating videos isn’t for everyone. If video marketing doesn’t suit your business or just isn’t even the budget right now, then take your time. Most likely, the idea will still be around for quite a while. At the end of the day, if you don’t put your heart into everything you do, your potential leads will sense that. So, if you’re currently doing well with your written content, stick to that.

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