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5 Tricks to Get Opt-Ins On the First Try

A successful email marketing strategy can’t be achieved unless people sign up for those emails you send out. While we know that subscribing to emails has a lot of benefits, the customer or potential lead might not quite understand what they could be missing out on. When leads subscribe to email lists and newsletters, companies have a much better chance of converting those opt-ins. Likewise, those opt-ins will have a better chance of getting more bang for their buck by taking advantage of offers within those emails. It’s a win-win for both parties.

If you want more opt-ins on the first try, then give some of these tips a go.

1. Make Your Sign-Up Button Obvious, Not Annoying

You WANT people to subscribe. You know it, and they know it too. It’s no secret. Therefore, you need to make the subscribe box clear and obvious. You can also insert it on key pages, like your blog articles, and write something like “Want to get more articles like this?” Whatever you do, always make it easy for people to sign up no matter what page their on. At the same time, make it easy for them to click out of the box if they don’t want to subscribe.

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2. Make Some Things Available to Subscribers Only

One way to get opt-ins right away is by making certain things only accessible to those who sign up. These offers could be anything from discounts on a first purchase, free shipping, an ebook, or a special trial period. You want to make it enough of an incentive for people to subscribe, without it being too much of an easy giveaway.

3. Brag About The Amount Of Subscribers You Already Have

You don’t need to dedicate an entire banner on your website to showing off your numbers. But, what about keeping a counter at the bottom of your subscribe box to brag just a little bit? Get a plug-in that can reveal these numbers as they increase. Your potential subscribers will see it and hopefully think, “Wow, so many people have signed up. I should, too!”

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4. Offer Something Valuable in Your Newsletters

What are people signing up for? Is it just a bunch of information they won’t really care about? Or is something of value? If it’s not the latter, then you’re going about your email marketing all wrong and you’ll need to take a few steps back. But, if you think you’ve got the value content of your emails down pat, then use that to encourage people to subscribe. Give them coupons. Give them advice. Give them stories. Whatever it is, make sure it’s clear what they’re going to be getting once they sign up.

5. Help Current Subscribers Help You

It won’t even be a matter of getting opt-ins on the “first try” if your current opt-ins can help you out. That’s because you can give your current subscribers the option to forward your newsletters or share them with others. Then, those who get this sneak-peek can opt to subscribe on their own, without you even knowing about them first. It will be a nice surprise for you!

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