location-based marketing

Are You Ready to Give Location-Based Marketing a Try?

There are so many different ways to conduct your marketing campaign. Whether you use social media, email marketing, offline strategies, or even another avenue, there’s really no wrong or right way to spread the word of what your company has to offer. And, as the Internet keeps taking over our lives, those methods will continue to grow. The problem is, getting a grasp on each different kind of marketing method is definitely a challenge.

We’ve got a new one for you, too. Are you ready to give location-based marketing a try? We think so! Just read on.

location-based marketing

Understand the Purpose of Location-Based Marketing

Before you get all in on this new marketing trend, you need to understand what the purpose is. Location-based marketing is when you target your audience based on where they live, or where they are shopping from. It’s using everything you know about their location to help target them effectively.

For example, you’re a shopping website and someone is purchasing gear from snowy Colorado? Then use that information to send them emails on a sale you’re having on winter jackets. Do you see that most of your audience is coming from this type of climate altogether, while you’re busy advertising t-shirts and wondering why you haven’t made a sale? Then maybe it’s time to change up your marketing campaign for different types of products altogether.

Know Your Own Location Market, First

Before you start taking note of your audience’s location, you first need to evaluate your own distance. Is your company a local business? Or, do you reach out to people worldwide? Do most of your customers come from just in your state, or have you spread throughout the region? You need to be aware of this information about your own company before you move forward. Get a very good idea about where your current customers reside, and where your future audience may be located.

Be Sensitive to Location

In general, most people don’t like their location being known. Having your location posted for all the world to see, or even given just a store you’ve just recently made a purchase from, can be risky. And, these days, it’s getting much harder to avoid having your location listed. Not everyone is on board with this, but if you go about it the right way, then it can actually be quite nice for your customers.

If you plan on using location-based marketing to your advantage, then you need to be absolutely sensitive to your customer’s location and be transparent with them about how you plan on using this information.

location-based marketing

Combine eCommerce with Regular Commerce

While people often resort to shopping online, people still do most of their shopping at physical stores. This can make it difficult for companies to pull in location-based information about their shoppers. Therefore, there needs to be a way to combine eCommerce and ordinary commerce, so companies can essentially kill two birds with one stone.

How do you do this? Well, it’s easy. When customers come into your store (if you have one), ask them to provide you with their e-mail address, or best way to get in contact. These days, some people are resistant about giving this information, but here’s where you can be transparent with them. Of course, offer them incentives for providing you with such information.

Focus on the Millenials

Location-based marketing isn’t just about location. It’s also about the people behind those locations. And, in this day in age, it’s all about the millennials. These are the people that are spending most of their time online. Millenials usually don’t mind “checking in” when they go places, as they know it can help enhance their experience, wherever they may be. That being said, these millennials spend a lot of time doing research before they buy any product. So, if you’re using location-based marketing, just make sure to keep all these points in mind. Like any type of marketing campaign, it may work with some but not with others.

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