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How To Make Your Landing Page Capture Leads

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The landing page is the first thing that potential leads are going to see when they go to your website. If it isn’t perfect, or at least close to it, then it likely won’t resonate with visitors in the way you need it to. If you want to generate leads easily, creating the ideal landing page can help you generate leads while you sleep! On the other hand, it can also turn away people if they aren’t feeling the positive vibes you intended. To make sure your landing page will capture leads, follow these tips.

Is it a Homepage or Landing Page?

Where are you bringing your leads? There is a very important difference. While a homepage is a more broad outline for your website and your company, a landing page is any page that a lead can “land” on, which has specific information catered to them and where you want them to go. It might provide links to signing up for a trial, to a relevant blog post, a shopping page, or a box to gather their personal information like name and email address.

The best way of thinking about it is a homepage is used for customers you already have. They know your name, and they can easily type in your website’s address. They might have even bookmarked it. A landing page is where you want customers to arrive if they got curious about you, either by having clicked on a link from another site or an ad somewhere. This landing page then should convince the person to do what you’re hoping to do; to eventually get them part of the group of people who bookmark your page.

landing page, leads, generate leads, homepage

Stick to the Point

The point of your landing page is to generate leads. That means your landing page needs to be extremely clear. How do you do this? First, think of the goal you want to achieve when new people come to your site. Do you want them to buy something right of the bat? Do you want them to sign up for your newsletter? Or do you want them to download something? Whatever it is, your submit button should ultimately reflect this, either by saying “sign up now”, “create my free account”, “buy now,” or whatever it is. If you’re not exactly sure which one to use, Mission Suite can help you figure it out.

A Simplistic Design

It’s a no brainer that your landing page should be easy to read. Use appropriate colors, give it a clean look, and make sure it’s easy to click, type, and find information. You might also want to include attractive images or a video that can resonate with potential leads. It should have a professional look, but should also stand out in a way that’s unique to your brand. It should captivate your readers by being unique, but keep them calm by being simple.

A Dynamic Interface

A large portion of the time, if a lead gets to your landing page, they may not have done so from a computer. Make sure your landing page is able to work on all platforms, whether it be a smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. Make sure whatever can be done at the computer can also be done on the mobile version, otherwise, you may lose potential leads due to digitally frustrated people.

landing page, homepage, leads, generate leads

Strut Your Stuff

Your landing page is a great place to show off what your company has to offer, but not in a way that’s going to make people think you’re full of crap right from the get go. While strutting your stuff is in excellent way to manage your landing page, it has to be done in the right way. Use review quotes from clients. Compare your product to others, using specific information. Add “trusted site” and “verified” merits on your page. Do it in a way that’s clear to see, but not too flashy or over the top.

Test, Track, and Alter

Sometimes, you need to cater your landing page to different target audiences, which is okay. However, before you make any drastic changes, it’s important to test and track your current landing page, first. Again, Mission Suite is a special software that can help you analyze your landing page and see what kind of results you’re getting. If you’re not liking the numbers you’re seeing, then we will find ways to alter it and increase your leads.

If you want your landing page to generate a strong number of leads, then request a demo with Mission Suite today!

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