Landing Pages: What are they and why are they important?

If you are familiar with online marketing, you may have heard the phrase “landing page.” But what is it? The first page that the person visiting your site is seeing is called the landing page. It is called a landing page because that is where the visitor “landed” on your website. You website visitors can come from all over the place. Maybe they found your page via search results, or a link from another website, or a link from a marketing email message. All the links that visitors are clicking could take them anywhere on your website, meaning that any page on your site could potentially be a landing page (That is something to consider when designing your site as a whole).

The concept of a landing page is pretty broad, but it is important and applicable in email marketing and advertising. It is important because when sending out a message, you can direct what landing page the reader of the email will likely visit. For example, if you send out an email promoting a new product, you would obviously put a link to your website in the email and any reader that is interested in the product or promotion will most likely click the link you have included. That means that the page you have linked to is the landing page for that promotion. You now have some control over not just the email you are sending but the way the reader will likely view your site. If you control the landing page, then you can specify what content is included on this page and you can use the page as an extension of your marketing. You can customize the landing page to coincide with the goals of your email marketing campaign. Customizing the landing page is important. If you send the recipient of the product promotion email to the main page, they may have a hard time finding the product and give up, so direct the reader carefully and purposefully.

Custom landing pages can make a big difference in your results and they are critical tool for your marketing campaign. Creating a specific and suitable landing page can help you to get more readers to actually do the task you want them to complete.

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