Email Marketing Landing Pages: Track Your Email for Better Results

Email marketing landing pages are very important to conducting online business today. Landing pages allow you to convert visitors into sales, gather emails for upcoming email campaigns, and track what marketing strategies work and which ones do not. However, if you want your email marketing campaign to be successful you need to track the clicks you are getting from your emails, and your landing pages. Some links will be more successful than others and there is no way to know if you are not keeping track. Consider the following reasons you should keep track of what gets a click through and what does not.

Tracking Your Email Clicks

When you develop an email for marketing purposes you should include a minimum of three offers inside. This will allow you several ways to gain clicks from your customers. You might offer a coupon, a free item, or a report about your service industry. When your customer clicks you can determine what offer type they are drawn to. If you later segment your email marketing you can be sure that you are sending the right offers to the right people.

Tracking Clicks with Your Email Marketing Landing Pages

When you track the clicks to your email marketing landing pages you will learn several things. For example, if most of your clicks occur below the fold of the page, maybe you need more links towards the top. However, if you are getting more clicks on the top half of the page you may be loosing interest very quickly from your readers. You want to see a balance of clicks coming from all over the page. This would mean you are reaching impulse buyers who click above the fold and you are also reaching those who read the whole page before making a decision. You also want to determine what links are receiving the best response. When you design your page make sure you use several link types on your email marketing landing pages. You can use the traditional “click here” as well as other words to obtain clicks. Then you can determine which words draw a better response.

Track the Results of Your Clicks

Ideally when someone clicks a link they are taken to an area where they can make an immediate purchase. If you are seeing a high click through rate but a low sales rate something needs to change. For this reason you need to track your customers movements through your pages. Does your customer click on the buy now link, only to move on to you terms and conditions disclaimer link? If so, you may need to change your content to give a feeling of trust and security. Maybe something on your email marketing landing pages is making your customer think twice before making the purchase. If customers are clicking “buy now” and then leaving the site within seconds you need to change your final sales page. Something is quickly turning your customers away after you have worked very hard to get them to the sale.

Tracking your links is a very important part of any strategy involving email marketing landing pages. If you’d like to see how well your campaigns are performing, request a demo of Mission Suite today and see how we can help you become more successful.

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