Email Marketing Landing Pages: WordPress VS .Com

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When you are ready to develop your email marketing landing pages you have too basic choices for your site. You can buy a .com url or you can sign up for a WordPress page. Each option has distinct advantages and disadvantages for business owners. However, there are three main things you will want to consider when choosing where to plant your landing pages.

Initial Investment

Developing a email marketing landing page can be quite costly. If you are a professional web designer then you have an advantage over 90% of business owners today. Let’s assume you have no idea to build your own page and you are going to pay contractors for the entire process. When you consider a .com url you will have to buy the .com name, pay for the hosting, and hire someone who has the software or purchase the software for building your page. In addition, contractors with experience in web design often charge a great deal per hour or project for developing a landing page. If you choose a WordPress template to design your page, you can sign up for free and all you have to pay for is the design process.

Ease Of Adding Content

Once you have a platform for your landing page you will want to consider the ability to update or change your offers. You can pay someone else to update your pages or you can learn to update the page on your own. In either case you will spend money or time on this process. In most cases it is easier to have a WordPress page built and then update it yourself when the time comes for changes. WordPress is often easier to learn than editing a .com site. However, WordPress templates do have limitations and you may become frustrated when trying to make something appear on the web the way it appears in your vision of the page.

SEO Value

If you plan to develop a email marketing page that will rank high in Google search results you probably need a .com landing page. With organic SEO practices you can rank high in Google, over time, without spending a great deal of money. However, you can always pay to advertise a WordPress site for instant traffic. In order to determine the best choice for your company you will need to investigate your competition for keywords and advertising dollars.

In Conclusion

No one can tell you a definite answer on whether to choose a .com or WordPress landing page. As you can see there are many factors to be considered before you make a choice. If you have an open budget, or a degree in web design, you may find that a .com site provides the best long term option. However, if you are starting out on a small budget and want to start right away a WordPress page may provide the best option. In most cases you can assume that a .com landing page will cost more and provide better results down the road. On the other hand, a WordPress page is quite inexpensive but it may not provide the best option for natural SEO growth as time passes.

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