Email Marketing Landing Pages: How to Increase Sign Ups

Email marketing landing pages are a great way to attract new customers and sign ups. You can use the pages in many different ways. However, there are two main goals for any landing page, you either want a direct sale or you want to gather data for future marketing campaigns. Some people use separate landing pages for each task. You can build some landing pages to make sales and others to attract sign ups. The choice is up to you, but when you want to gather data for email marketing there are several options you should consider. The following four offers have been very effective for thousands of email marketers.

Coupons Promote Sales and Sign Ups

Coupons can provide two results you need when email marketing. If the customer is interested in your product, they can sign up to receive a coupon for savings on their next purchase. Never give the coupon away on your landing page, as that eliminates the opportunity to gather contact information. Instead, have the potential customer fill out a form in order to receive the coupon by email. In this instance you are assured that the customer is actually interested in your offer and you gain the email address for future communication.

Free Products are Always an Option

Offering a free product on your web-page is a great way to attract new customer and build your email database. You can offer a free sample of something you sell or you can offer digital items such as ebooks. The customer will sign up with their email in order to receive the link for the free product. However, one great feature of free listings is that other websites may pick pick up your offer. You can get a listing on sites that offer free items. Once that happens you are driving lots of traffic to your site.

Offer Tools to Help With a Specific Issue

Many email marketers offer free software programs or reports. However, some business owners have found that offering free reports, report templates, or document templates can attract other businesses. You can pay someone to create a simple program, report or template and use it for years to draw new email sign ups to your company. If you choose to offer reports make sure they are specific to your business and products. For example, a company that offers accounting software might offer a report comparing all of the features in the top ten accounting software programs. Within your report you can include links that will take the visitor back to your landing page.

Training Programs For Industry Specific Companies

If you offer a product or service that is industry specific you may be able to offer training programs. For example, if your company sell software programs that help in building websites, you might offer a five part email series called, “What Every Company Should Avoid When Building a Website.” During this program you will build trust with you customers and become the expert on the topic. In addition, you have five chances to prove why your products or services are the best there are.

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