Marketing Automation and Your Bottom Line

Whether you are a business owner, a marketer or a salesperson, the modern professional is constantly pulled in dozens of different directions. The demands to please existing customers, while also continuously growing your business can put serious stresses on even the most level-headed and dedicated employers and employees unless you are using these customer base marketing solutions. All you need is to identify the exact kind of complementary products or services to market to your existing customers to keep them loyal to your brand. The demand for continued growth demands total focus, and that often doesn’t leave adequate room for all of the other necessary duties.

This is where marketing automation comes in. One part personal assistant, one part record keeper, with a touch of data analyst, marketing automation can handle arduous scheduling and analytical tasks that used to monopolize a significant portion of many professionals’ time.

So let marketing automation handle your heavy lifting, so that you can do the creative and interpersonal legwork that makes you valuable. IDC predicts that the market for automated marketing will expand to almost $5bil by 2015, according to Marketo. Marketing automation enhances every part of the marketing process, from gathering new leads to nurturing existing ones.

Retain Your Leads

The modern employees’ plate is constantly full to overflowing. Appointments, meeting, conference calls and so much more make focusing on leads difficult. It’s not surprise that a lead falls through the cracks now and then.

Never again. Once a lead is in the marketing automation system, the employee will receive regular reminders to schedule calls and other helpful suggestions. If a lead goes nowhere, delete it.

Marketing automation ensures that you no longer lose leads, and that means more revenue.

 Advanced Analytics

Marketing automation can provide detailed analytic reports so that you know how to invest your time and energy on any given day. The system can compile and retain data about every customer, so that you have background information before you make the call. That kind of data can give you a leg up on the competition.


There’s a reason that it’s called marketing automation. The system can handle lower priority leads by sending automated emails at planned intervals. This way you can focus on the big fish without letting the cooler leads suffer. If a cool lead gets hot, the system will inform you so that you can work your charm and turn that lead into a sale.

Marketing automation is designed to make the marketer and salesperson’s life easier. It is an incredibly valuable and powerful tool that can accentuate the abilities of even the most skilled and dedicated employee.

Let technology lend you a hand in your day-to-day workflow, invest the time to learn more about marketing automation today.

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