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Here’s How Marketing Automation Will Make Your Life Easier Right Now

Haven’t switched over to The Mission Suite yet for your marketing automation service? Then what on earth are you waiting for? Marketing automation is one of the biggest time savers successful companies and start-ups alike use to help manage their business more efficiently. If you haven’t taken advantage of all the perks marketing automation has to offer, then it’s time to get on board! 

marketing automation

No more copying and pasting email write-ups

How many hours do you spend a week, or even each day, writing emails to your subscribers? How much of that time could you be spending doing something more important, like organizing your marketing campaign or doing interviews with potential employees? Marketing automation takes all this off your hands. Sure, you may need to write up a few blurbs every once in a while, but The Mission Suite completely takes out the copy and pasting slavery by automating your email marketing.

No more wasting time sharing to each and every social media outlet

One of the biggest ways companies bring in leads and relate to their current customers is through social media. No matter what anyone else tells you, if you’re not on Facebook, you’re not doing it right. Sure, there are a ton of other things that go into a successful social media marketing campaign, but at the end of the day, you just need to be sharing your stuff. A marketing automation service like The Mission Suite can help you share all your content to your company’s social media outlets in a click of a button.

No more wondering if your people actually ‘liked’ your content

Just because your content got a like on Facebook, doesn’t necessarily mean it worked well for you or brought in more leads. Often, it’s really hard to gauge whether or not something worked. That is unless of course, you use a marketing automation service. With it, you can analyze each specific piece of content on your website or post on social media. Take a look at all kinds of data, like what time of day works best for posting, or what demographics of your audience are more keen to reading certain topics.

marketing automation

It takes care of business so you don’t have to

Running a business is hard work. It takes A LOT of time. Sometimes, a task that we think would only take a few minutes might actually take us hours. It can be frustrating, and at times, turn us off to wanting us to run a business altogether. The same reason you would hire a secretary or an assistant is the same reason you would install a marketing automation service like The Mission Suite.

It takes a hefty load off your hands, so you can have more time for things that really matter. Say…having more time to actually use the bathroom at work, eat lunch sitting down, or more importantly, make it home to spend time with you family.

Thanks to marketing automation, you can put the phone and computer away once you leave the office. You know that The Mission Suite will be running your business while you sleep at night or while you’re at your kid’s baseball game.

Need more convincing? Request a demo to see how it works now!

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