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5 Processes that Your Sales Team Should Automate

If you want your company to be able to maximize sales, then your teams need to focus in on a sales process that works. Marketing automation software has made it incredibly easy for hard-working business leaders to automate tasks that would normally take hours to do, while simultaneously putting a strong focus on CRM systems.

However, if you don’t know how to properly utilize your automation software, then you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. Every sales team should be familiar with which tasks can be automated in order to increase and maintain sales. But, if you need a refresher, this is where to start.

1) Scheduling Appointments to Speed Up the Sales Process

Do you need to schedule appointments with your clients or leads? Whether it’s to show an interested customer a demo or to discuss a new product with a long-time customer, scheduling appointments with each person is exhausting. Luckily, Mission Suite makes this easier than ever.

Users are provided with a booking calendar that’s built right into the software. This means your clients will have an easy time selecting a meeting hour that suits them, based on your availability. Once it’s scheduled, Mission Suite will automatically create a follow-up campaign, whether it be a phone call or e-mail.

Scheduling a meeting is one of the first steps in the sales cycle for any company. Therefore, automating this simple process can help move things along that much quicker.

2) List Building and Lead Prioritization

Another way to bring a potential customer through that sales cycle quickly is by creating lists that demonstrate which leads you to need to prioritize vs. which leads can be placed on the backburner. Mission Suite can help users do this by allowing them to use lead scoring to identify priority leads from your database. The score you assign to each lead will be based on their interaction(s) with your content. For example, 1 point is assigned for opening up an email, and 3 points is assigned for clicking on a link. The higher the score, the higher-qualified the lead.

If assigning points sounds as tedious as a teacher needing to grade papers for five separate classes, we understand. That’s why Mission Suite allows users to automatically create these lists, then send campaigns based on the different points. This streamlines the sales process because it ensures that you’ll only spend time on the leads that matter.

3) General Email Marketing/Using Templates

One of the most prominent features of a marketing automation service like Mission Suite is the email marketing features. The software allows you to have complete control over automating this task. Email marketing is still one of the best ways to bring in leads and eventually make a sale. Users can make as many templates as they’d like, then complete campaigns and schedule emails on a regular basis.

There are many different approaches to email marketing, but if done right, it will positively impact the rate of sales. For starters, use Mission Suite to automate email newsletters to send out each time new content is posted on your blog. This way, you can be sure the valuable content you create is always reaching your subscribers, even if they are not actively on your website.

4) Automate Support Tools for CRM Systems

Company leaders cannot even discuss the idea of increasing sales without first focusing in on their CRM systems. How you relate to your customers or potential customers will determine the outcome of your sales performance. A strong customer support approach will mean more satisfied customers and ultimately more sales.

Mission Suite allows users to automate tools that can be applied to CRM systems, like customer support. It does this by creating support tickets, which automatically assign support tasks to your support team. If no one handles those tickets, you can automate reminders.

Hopefully, before you even get to that point, you can set up a support chatbox using Zapier. The sales team can integrate Zapier right into Mission Suite. This will allow you to take on customer’s problems or questions from the get-go, helping them to feel comfortable enough to complete that sale.

4) Automate Drop Shipping

Experts agree that automating the drop shipping process means you spend less time and effort distributing your product. Due to the fast-paced nature of drop shipping, it turns the best profit when it’s done on a large scale. Automation lets you scale your e-commerce business more quickly. Even better, when you automate drop shipping you actually cut costs. Learn how to start an eCommerce business with these drop shipping courses.

5) Internal Follow-Ups

Automating the sales process means automating just as many processes internally as you would externally. Being able to communicate effectively with other staff members is absolutely necessary. Especially, if you want to maximize sales as much as possible. Mission Suite can allow company leaders to automatically send follow-up emails and assign follow-up tasks to members of your sales team, based on what stage they’re at in the sales cycle with a customer. You can also notify the team when a team member updates fields and completes tasks.

Want to learn how Mission Suite can help you automate these processes along with many others? Schedule a demo to learn more today!

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