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The Benefits Of An Integrated Booking Calendar On Your CRM

There are many ways in which company leaders can automate tasks to improve their CRM. One of these ways is through an integrated booking calendar, which directly benefits your CRM approach. The idea of booking a meeting, in general, should be simple for both you and the client.

Why a Booking Calendar?

As a company leader or small business owner on the rise, you need to find ways to bring in your leads gently. These days, people don’t appreciate being “sold” things, so leaders need to be able to instill a sense of value in what they’re offering. They need to make the customer feel as though they truly need the product or service in order to better their personal life or their work life. One way to do this is by offering interested customers a chance to talk with you face to face by booking an appointment on an integrated booking calendar. This may be known as a “demo,” “discovery call,” or a “consult,” and it’s typically offered for free.

You may also just have the type of business that requires you to meet with your customers often. Perhaps your a business or life coach, or you’re running an MLM. Or, maybe you’re holding a webinar for clients who want to learn a special skill.¬†An integrated booking calendar like the Mission Suite’s allows company leaders to post their availability on the calendar, and automate it so that clients can choose the time — your time — that works best for them. It’s the perfect way to schedule and organize appointments while you sleep.

Whatever the case may be, you need to provide a way to schedule meetings with people easily. You don't have time to email back and forth between numerous clients, trying to find a time that works. #sales #whatcanyouautomate Click To Tweet

Change Your Availability Regularly on Your Integrated Booking Calendar

Your schedule may be different on a week-to-week basis, even if automation is making your to-do list shorter. But, you left the 9-5 work week a long time ago, and perhaps you make your schedule to meet your needs instead of the other way around.

After setting up your availability on Mission Suite’s integrated calendar, you can change that as often as you need. You can set it up so it’s the same availability times for one month, or you can choose to reset that at the beginning of each week. This way, a meeting won’t be scheduled on a day you want to take off or a day you have other things going on.

Mind Your CRM By Easily Rescheduling or Canceling

Sometimes, things come up last minute that we can’t anticipate. Even after posting your availability, there may be an emergency or spontaneous meeting that you can’t miss. This may mean you’ll have to cancel an appointment with a client at the last minute. Obviously, you should always do your best to give a client timely notice. But, either way, giving them an opportunity to re-schedule an appointment with you, actually can benefit your CRM strategy. People have to cancel all the time, but it’s how you approach it that matters.

Likewise, if clients need to cancel or re-schedule with you, they should be able to do so as well. The Mission Suite gives both you and your clients the ability to easily reschedule or cancel meetings. Clients will see this option right when they come to your website. And, they won’t have to dig around for where to do this. An accessible calendar like this will translate directly into your CRM. Monitor your customer relations so you can have a visual of the meetings you’ve had with a particular client, or which meetings you have coming up.

Everything in One Place

The best part of having an integrated booking calendar with Mission Suite is that everything is in one place. When an appointment is booked, it’s done right on the platform, so you don’t need to do any double entry. At the same time, it’s irritating to book an appointment on one calendar and see it appear on every platform you’re on. With this integrated tool, everything important is in one place and only one place. If you need to use an integration, you can still do so with a tool like Zapier.

Want to learn more about how an integrated booking calendar will benefit your CRM strategy? Request a demo with the Mission Suite today!

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