4 Ways to Personalize Your Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is an excellent tool because it utilizes your customer’s innate desire to interact with the brand’s they support. Due to the intimate and engaging nature of inbound marketing it is imperative that your marketing materials avoid the stilted monolithic feel of so much existing marketing, and provide a more nimble and, above all, personal feel to your brand’s outreach.

In the modern world – where every consumer is inundated by more ads than they can count – you need to do something to distinguish yourself. Personalisation allows you to do just that. By putting your own mark (and some personalization for your customers) on your marketing you not only show that you care enough about your customers to put a little extra effort in, you also demonstrate a little bit about what makes your brand special.

1. Use the Information Available 

Modern email marketing and social media campaigns are excellent at gathering relevant information your customers. Many marketers are familiar with including basic details (such as the name) of a customer in a marketing email, but most people overlook an even greater wealth of customer information available, including: which emails are opened, which links are clicked, what content they access, what topics intrigue them.

Advanced marketing tools (such as those provided by The Mission Suite) enable you to track and utilize this information and these preferences in order to craft and deliver personalized content tailored specifically to your customers.

Personalized emails improve click-through rates by 14%, and conversion rates by 10%” – B2B Social Media Marketing: Are We There Yet?, Aberdeen

2. Intelligently Use Smart Technology 

Modern website technology allows your website to actually respond to your customers in real time. Utilizing information stored in a customer’s cookies, your website can suggest custom tailored content that will appeal to the customer’s unique tastes.

These optimized calls to action and custom content is incredibly effective. Many experts report that customized content generates nearly 50% more clicks than non-custom content.

3. Be Yourself! 

It’s great to customize your emails and web content for your customers, but it’s also important to add a personal touch to your content that reflects your brand’s message and personality. This can not only make your brand more memorable, but it also delivers the personal connection that many consumers are looking for these days.

4. The Next Steps 

The key to providing successful personalization is giving customers exactly what they’re looking for. There are several steps you can take to do just that:

  • Gather all necessary information about your clients at an early stage in the sales funnel
  • Monitor how customers navigate your site and interact with content
  • Use this information to generate custom content for your customers
  • Utilize smart content that will automatically generate tailored content on your website based on user preference
  • Cultivate a personal touch to your brand, that will eventually lead to a more personal relationship with your customers

These personal touches will breathe new life into your marketing, and allow you to deliver exactly what your customers expect from you.


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