What Your Company Risks By Not Using Automated Marketing

You’ve heard the benefits of using automated marketing solutions for your business: the time saving, the worry saving: “set it and forget it.” Sometimes the concept of automated marketing software—tools that automatically send tweets and e-mails on a schedule you program—is billed as being a digital set of hands, a nice convenience. Yet, it goes beyond that. It’s a way of doing things grounded in very real and developed philosophies. It can help your business or organization in many profound ways.

Here’s a look at what you risk by not using automated marketing.

Automated Marketing Offers the Power of Consistency

In short, it’s important to spool forth content on a regular basis. This doesn’t mean more content or more frequent updates, necessarily. It means regularity. If you put forth too much communication—tweets, e-mails, etc.—too fast, it can look as though you got excited and sat down and made sure you did your marketing duties for that week. In other words, it doesn’t look as though you have a mapped plan but that you are operating on a disorganized, ad hoc basis. If you are operating that way, automated marketing creates the appearance that you aren’t.

After sending too many communications in too short a time, businesses can often stay silent for too long. You don’t want to create the impression you’ve gone out of business, have gotten bored or disillusioned with marketing, or are scrambling to mop up other messes that keep you from marketing. More generally, you don’t want people to forget about you.

Marketing Automation Allows You to Continually Nurturing Interest

Naturally, you have an interest in connecting with and consistently communicating with people who have shown an interest in your brand. Remember that marketing automation goes beyond social marketing and other interest-creating tools. It can also entail setting up the automatic sending of newsletters when someone opts in, the automatic creation of thank-you e-mails for purchases, coupons, surveys, and other ways of handling the most important part of the marketing process: giving attention to people who are engaged.

Automated Marketing Allows You to Use Your Data to its Fullest

We probably agree that using data to gauge ROI in your marketing is key. You can go to various social networking sites and get some analysis and data. Most marketing automation platforms give you a full suite of analytical tools that allow you to focus your efforts efficiently.

It’s important to not think of automated marketing as a calendar or a timed button-pusher. Good automation software touches on many key principles of marketing.

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