Cultivating Leads with Marketing Automation

Recently we’ve talked a lot about how businesses can harness new technologies and strategies in order to create new leads. Generating new leads is all well and good -it’s crucial to the success of nearly any business – but what do you do with those leads once you’ve got them?

That’s where marketing automation comes in. We’ve discussed the power of proper marketing automation before, but we have yet to really dive into the specifics of how you can utilize this tool to cultivate leads and turn new leads into new income.

Nurture Leads with Custom Content 

Once you’ve acquired a set of leads from your various inbound and outbound marketing tactics, it’s a good idea to segment them based on any knowledge you have about the individuals behind the leads. This might be something as simple as the specific product pages they viewed on your site, or more in-depth knowledge like their role in their company.

Once you have these segmented groups sorted you can start crafting custom content that is tailored to their (apparent) needs. This isn’t a 100 percent foolproof plan, but the more information you can gather on your leads the higher the likelihood of success. Get more exclusive leads for a roofer to grow your roofing business here!

Test the Water 

With your leads segmented and your custom content created, it’s now time to put your plan into action. If you are currently using a marketing automation system (like Mission Suite) then this is where your automated workflow would most likely begin.

To be successful this strategy relies heavily on the generation of quality, relevant content that will successfully engage your new leads. By crafting content based around the lead’s past behavior you can maximize the email’s relevancy and hopefully drive traffic to your site. Relevant and engaging emails also help to establish trust and demonstrate that you have value to offer your customers.

When the CMS Wire team decided to test the effectiveness of this strategy they were impressed by the results. Nurtured leads were 169% more likely to open an email and click through to the website. These nurtured leads were also 15% more likely to visit the purchase page of the site than those leads that had not received special consideration.

You can see from these impressive results that lead nurturing through marketing automation can pay serious dividends when executed properly. If you already have an email marketing system in place (which you should) then it’s imperative that you learn how to utilize information gathered on leads in order to create custom content that will engage your prospective customers. Then, using your marketing automation system, you can deliver this content where and when it will be the most effective.

If you’d like to learn more about how marketing automation can help turn leads into sales be sure to sign up for your demo of Mission Suite.

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