Should I Hire a Marketing Firm that Comes Across as Cocky?

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A while ago I did a Community Table session talking about what to look for when you’re hiring a marketing firm and sometimes, more importantly, what to stay away from when you’re trying to hire a marketing firm.

Recently, I came across the question, “Should I hire a marketing from the comes across as cocky?”

It’s kind of an interesting question.

Cockiness is typically a bad thing. Cockiness oftentimes means that they think the world of themselves and don’t really care too much about what other people think of them, which can be bad when you’re talking about providing a service for people.

Whereas confidence, on the other hand, confident people will know what they’re talking about and they can explain to you what they’re talking about. They’re not going to run around, they’re not going to try to confuse you. It’s going to be pretty straightforward and it’s going to a be really effective working relationship.

So keep that in mind. Cockiness is probably not the right thing.

Besides, you’re going to be in a working relationship with these people. Do you really want to be in a relationship with somebody that you don’t like to spend time with?

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