What is Email Marketing?

What is Email Marketing?

If you’re looking into a new way of marketing your product or service then email marketing is something to look into. It is a powerful marketing strategy that can supercharge your business’ image and sales if done correctly. Of course, before you can fully take advantage of it, you must first answer the question, what is email marketing?

In today’s age of digital and online communication, what is email marketing becoming? Essentially, it’s the new age counterpart of direct mail. Both marketing functions pretty much in the same manner where a business sends out flyers, advertisements, coupons and newsletters to customers. In the case of email, it is sent directly to your contact’s online inboxes. It is carried out to accomplish the same purpose, that is to communicate your message to the public about a product or service that your businesses offers.

Marketing with email is the strongest way to communicate with customers online and to fully understand what is email marketing about, you should learn the one difference that sets it apart from direct mail. With direct mail, its impact as a marketing strategy is hard to track but that changed with email marketing. Because of dynamic and user-friendly email marketing software solutions, businesses can now track email campaigns.

What is email marketing the makes it great is that you can immediately receive reports for campaigns and how well they did. You will see exactly who opened the mail, clicked a link, and forwarded the message as well as who unsubscribed from the mailing list. This is pretty much what email marketing is about. It enables you to send out newsletters, catalogs, advertising campaigns, invitation email and other online materials that will either promote the product or service, or strengthen customer connection.

To further understand what is email marketing about and whether it’s right for your business, you’ll need to understand the pros and cons. Using marketing software such as Mission Suite and other top services mean that you’re saving on cost, time and effort because there’s money spend on printing and mailing. It allows fast set-up and emails can be sent within days or hours after creation. The tracking feature that Mission Suite provides is also useful as it helps you understand customers better and what they want.