Who Should Start a Business?

This series is a bit of a departure from our typical video series. Instead of produced, scripted videos, I’m going to be diving into the realities of the challenges and lessons that I’ve learned from running businesses for 20 years. This will be more of a raw discussion so the transcripts are not available.

As I was doing research for this month’s video series, I came across a video declaring that “everyone should start a business, and here’s why.”

I’m a firm believer that anyone CAN start a business. But I’m not so sure that everyone SHOULD start a business. Starting, managing and growing a business requires certain skills. Skills that can absolutely be developed, but they’re things that you should consider before you kick off your business venture.

In today’s video, I dive into the top three things that I wish that I had considered before going into business for myself that would have helped me find success more quickly.

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