Why Marketing and Sales Need to Work Together

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In my last video, I talked about how to align your sales and marketing efforts. Today, I thought I’d back up a bit and talk about why it’s important to align your sales efforts and your marketing efforts.

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I like to think of sales and marketing as two members of your revenue team. And unless they’re working together, they’re not going to be anywhere near as effective as you need them to be to really grow your business.

I always thought that was a given but recently I’ve gotten some questions about it so I thought I’d dive into it a bit in today’s video.

Sales and marketing can’t exist in a vacuum. 

Frankly, this applies to all of the major functions of your company but it’s particularly important when it comes to sales and marketing.

Often times, people will look at sales and marketing as two members of a team running different events. That as long as marketing wins their events and sales wins their events, everything will turn out fine.

The problem here is that this attitude will result in a major split in your business.

And then no one’s going to be happy.

Your marketing efforts will never produce the results that you expect from the sales side of your business and you’ll always be wondering if the people you have handling sales (and this could include yourself) are really up to the task of being successful.

Think about marketing and sales more in terms of a relay. 

Two teammates running the same race and making a hand off when the lead has been warmed to a point where sales needs to take the lead.

Your marketing efforts find leads, warm them up and nurture them, and give them an environment to share more information about themselves and the needs they’re trying to fill and then hands off the lead to sales to discuss how you or your company can fulfill those needs.

If you’re in a larger company, this could mean that you have two distinct teams and that your marketing team is truly separate from your sales team and you need to work out what the feedback loop looks like to grow success.

If you’re on your own, then your marketing efforts are probably (and hopefully) powered by a marketing automation system

maybe one like Mission Suite

You’ll still be able to get valuable feedback from the systems that you have in place to optimize your marketing and sales efforts. And if you can’t do it on your own, reach out to someone who specializes in consulting in aligning sales and marketing efforts.

If you need recommendations on some good people to reach out to, let me know in the comments and I’m happy to direct you to some solid people.

If you start thinking about your sales and marketing efforts as two members of a relay – two people on the same team running toward the same finish line, you’ll really start to see that you can find a lot more strength in your “revenue team”. 

And you’ll see your business really start to grow.

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