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5 Secrets to Utilize Your CRM to the Fullest

Customer relationship management, or CRM, is one of the most important factors to think about when it comes to making sales. If you don’t have a meaningful relationship with your customers, then they won’t possess the trust needed to confidently make a purchase or investment. CRM allows you to collect and analyze data about your customers in order to create meaningful relationships. However, just having a good CRM software isn’t enough, unless you know what to make of it.

1. Consistently Train Staff

No matter what kind of business you are running, think of it as a classroom of kindergartners. If you don’t have a consistent routine in your business, things will get chaotic pretty quickly. When it comes to CRM, all staff should be on the same page as far as managing the workflow, if they aren’t already trained on the software.

A certain protocol should be clearly outlined, so that everyone knows what to do, how to do something, and what people should be contacted when. How annoying is it when you call customer service and you have to explain the same story to five different people? The customer service experience should therefore be one your customers can rave about. CRM software can help you do that.

2. Know What Your Customers Are Saying

Would you buy a product if you saw that it had no reviews, or the reviews it did have weren’t so positive? Probably not. One way to increase your CRM usability is to be aware about what your customers are saying. Most of this usually occurs on social media. However, part of utilizing your CRM software is keeping track of customers’ complaints and questions. To better serve you, have a plan to offer answers and complaint resolutions if a problem arises, before it makes its way onto Facebook or Yelp!.

3. Gather Information on Your Customers

The reason a CRM software is so important is that it collects information on your customers with ease. Having detailed information about who your customers are and what they want can help you personalize marketing and cater specifically to your customers wants and needs. Making ads about new products, initiatives, or even sending out updates via e-mail can really make all the difference. Even knowing your customers’ birthdays can help if you want to send out an annual “gift!”

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4. A Solid Contact System

Customers want to be able to call you on their lunch break, without having to give up their actual lunch. We all know how irritating it is when you call to ask one question, and the automated system has you going for at least twenty minutes. When customers call to get information, it should be a simple experience. They should also have the opportunity to contact through a variety of avenues, whether it be live chat, through e-mail, or by phone. Additionally, customers should be able to get answers to simple questions by providing them with a detailed FAQ page. Utilize your CRM to be able to implement this successfully.

5. A User-Friendly Experience On Both Ends

Whatever platform you are using to promote your business or product should be user-friendly. It should be so easy to use that a grandpa or five year old could figure it out. No matter what your target audience is, gaining and losing customers could have a lot to do with the ease of your website. Make it user-friendly. Likewise, your CRM software should also be easy to use, so that it can be accessed by your staff from anywhere at anytime. Especially if someone can’t get to a computer, and he or she needs to access software from a mobile device.

Mission Suite provides a great CRM experience, so you can collect the necessary data and use it to your benefit. Sign up for a demo and see how Mission Suite’s CRM can help you make your customer relationships stronger than ever.

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