5 Content Resources to Help You Get the Ball Rolling Now

Creating content is something companies must do in order to sell their products and services and ultimately bring people to their site. However, creating content that really resonates with readers can be a challenge. Content needs to be useful, inspirational, and overall, just interesting for the audience. But, when ideas run dry, it can be hard to push quality content out.

So, here are some ideas to find inspiration using basic content resources:

1. Check the News

If you’re feeling stumped on content, then all you need to do is check the news! Write in a few keywords that are relevant to your industry, and see what comes up. Check out the articles and see if there is a new piece of technology out or an opinion piece that has an interesting point in it that can inspire your next article. While you should never copy someone else’s work without permission, there’s nothing wrong with doing some research to get that lightbulb to go off!

2. See What’s Trending

It may seem that checking out “what’s trending” is more or less the same idea as checking out the news. But, not quite. What people talk about or share on social media may have nothing to do with what a business or technology website is writing about. Check Twitter and Facebook to see what people in your community are discussing. Once you’ve got a good idea, do more research to see if it’s something worth writing about.

3. Stick to a Theme, and Break it Up

If you’re having trouble thinking of ideas, then maybe try going with a theme. If your company has a lot of different product/services it sells, then you can revolve your content around that, by picking a theme. Each theme can have 2-4 articles and can focus on a different area of your site. Simple!

4. Talk with Someone in the Same Industry

Sometimes, the best content resources are the people that are already in your network. Whether they are your close peers or someone in a group you’re in, sometimes, the conversation just flows naturally. Get away from your office and spend some time just chatting with people. If you’re lucky, something relevant to your potential content will come up in conversation. Keep a little notebook, jot it down, and elaborate on it later.

5. Evergreen Articles

When you’re really having a hard time coming up with content ideas, take a look at evergreen article as your resource. These articles are “evergreen” for a reason. They’re always relevant no matter how quickly everything else in your business is changing. Take a look at evergreen articles that are more or less relevant to your industry, and see what you can stretch from them.

Creating content is essential to growing your business. And, gathering enough content resources to make sure it reaches your leads and customers is the most important part. Request a demo with The Mission Suite to learn how to automate your content and analyze it thereafter. 

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