Marketing Automation Still Under-Adopted Outside Tech

Despite marketing automation’s huge push into the marketing scene in recent years, boasting an astonishing 50 percent annual growth, it is still a foreign term to many companies outside of the tech sphere.

Perhaps its the fact that “marketing automation” itself sounds rather intimidating, and quite complex. Or maybe it’s just the simple fact that many people tend to be resistant to change. It could also be that businesses outside of the tech sector simply don’t yet understand the incredible benefits of marketing automation technology. Whatever the reason is, marketing automation is still very foreign to the vast majority of companies, with only 3% penetration outside the tech sector.

In fact marketing automation is still so foreign to many companies, that some major automated marketing firms are making sales with no competition from other vendors. Marketing automation is still so alien to so many industries that they are simply not pursuing it.

That’s obviously good news for the marketing automation industry, but bad news for those businesses that are missing out on this amazing tool.

As technology continues to move forward and lists grow, marketing channels become more complex, and the sheer number of leads becomes daunting, marketing automation will be necessary for businesses of every size. Many small to medium sized businesses don’t believe they need marketing automation, as their current system is, “working just fine.” Yet as the way businesses communicate with customers continues to evolve, the companies that don’t adopt some form of marketing automation will quickly find themselves falling behind.

Already marketers are expected to manage lists, leads, a website, and at least a half dozen social media networks. Without any automation, simply distributing content can be a full time job – so who is going to be there to craft the content?

Marketing automation can help to eliminate a lot of the busy work associated with sales and marketing, freeing up your valuable personnel to do more important things, like nurturing leads and making sales.

If you have yet to explore the potential of automated marketing, now is the time. The ball hasn’t gotten away quite yet, but it’s rolling fast and it’s picking up steam.

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about marketing automation please leave a comment or contact us – at The Mission Suite we’re here to help make you the most effective marketer you can be!

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