Write a Killer Call to Action

In internet marketing, call to action is a common term. A call to action is basically something that compels your readers or visitor to do what you want them to do; click, sign up, donate, call, visit, buy or hire. In your email message, your call to action turns recipients into leads. There are many components in a great call to action, including visibility, clarity, urgency and value.

In order to get the recipient to do what you want them to, you have to know precisely what that is. If you don’t know what you want them to do, they sure aren’t going to know. Are you trying to sell them something, get them to sign up for a service, get more information from them, make an appointment or visit a site or store? Make your point clear and obvious. Using action oriented and urgent words together can help them understand precisely what you want. If you are telling them what action to take and giving a timeframe to do it, it really makes your focus clear to the reader. Setting a deadline for response also enhances the urgency of call to action. “Available only through Saturday”, “Donate Now , “Sign Up Today”  are good examples of using urgent and action oriented words in unison to help create a clear call to action.

You also want your call to action to be gripping and valuable in addition to being urgent and clear. The reader wants doing whatever you’re asking to do, to also benefit them. If you make a compelling offer upfront and combine it with your urgent action words, you have the makings of a great call to action. Some examples of this: “20% discount on today’s purchase with signup” , “free gift with first purchase”, “free t-shirt with minimum donation” “exclusive member discounts and newsletters with signup”.

Your call to action also needs to be highly visible. You can have great language in your call to action, but if the reader skims over it or doesn’t see it, it’s been wasted. Your call to action needs to be visible and attention grabbing. Contrasting colors, size and placement can help bring attention to your call to action. Don’t be afraid to place more than one; just don’t go over the top.

An effective call to action is essential and is the basic point of your message. Email is a direct response medium of marketing and a call to action that is noticeable, clear and compelling can help stimulate a great response.

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