WEBINAR – Curing the Consultant’s Dilemma

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Learn more about how automation can impact your business!

Consulting is all about relationships, there's no question about it. To be successful in this business, you need to connect with a lot of people, take a lot of coffee meetings and make sure that you're top of mind when someone's ready to buy or sell.

The issue that I've seen time and again with most consultants is that they go to plenty of networking events but the follow up tends to suffer for several different reasons - too busy, distractions, focusing on current clients - and as a result, their business tends to suffer as well.

We've developed a system for consultants that lets them automatically follow up on the connections that they make by simply entering their contact information into a form, clicking save and letting the system do the rest.

Here's how it works:

  • We create a ranking system for new connections (A, B, C and General)
  • We identify the follow up series for each of these ranks
    • Ex. "A" lead gets:
      • An email requesting a meeting after 1 day
      • A phone call to follow up after 3 days
      • A second phone call after 6 days
      • A final email asking if they're still interested in a meeting after 9 days
      • Dropped into a nurturing email campaign after 10 days
  • We write dynamic emails with mail merge style placeholders so that every follow up email the contact receives is tailored to them

After that's completed, we simply create the campaign in Mission Suite and the system takes care of the rest for you!

To learn more about how this kind of marketing and sales automation can help your business grow and see it in action, join us for a live webinar. Choose the date and time that works best for you using the form to the right!