How to Reach Women Through Email Marketing

email_reading_womenMen open mail on their phones 20% more often than women, but women click through 10% more often, says a new survey. This shows that while men are driving your email marketing software’s open rates, they aren’t responsible for your buy rates. Women do 85% of the household shopping, and are savvy and choosy shoppers. Does this mean that email marketing is useless for reaching women? Not exactly.


Women and Mobile Shopping


In a study of how men and women used their phones for shopping, the sexes overall used their phones as shopping tools about equally, with men pulling ahead about 15% in all categories — using their phones to pay, scanning a barcode, reviewing a product — except for using a coupon. Women were almost 20% more likely to use a coupon from their mobile devices.


Women have embraced new technology, and they integrate it into their lives as a tool. Women overwhelmingly say they would sign up for an email newsletter if it sent coupon codes or discounts — that’s your foot in the door. But how to keep women interested in the newsletter after the purchase?


Shopping: A Party or a Chore?


Another survey by Barkley and the Boston Consulting Group found that women in their 20s and 30s prefer to shop with friends, enjoy a trendy store with responsive sales associates, and lots of accessories to complete their outfits. Newsletters to younger women, then, should focus on trends, inspiring creativity and fun, and emphasizing on the social aspects of your product.


Women in their 40s and 50s responding to the survey said they typically shop alone or with children, prefer a calm atmosphere, quiet music, and sales associates who are not too intrusive. Newsletters to older women should emphasize individuality, consideration for their limited time, and inclusion of work and family life. Consider a softer sell with older women, who may save the email for the weekend (or a month later), spend less money per year on themselves, and feel that shopping is a chore rather than a stress-reliever.


Women Are More Brand-Loyal


While women are more choosy with their brands, yet more more loyal to the brands they chose. Further, women are more social, and will promote your brand via social media (especially if you provide a Twitter soundbite in your newsletter). If women are talking about your brand, the free advertising garnered by the conversation will be invaluable — but you must first win their trust.


  • Foot in the door: Women are more likely than men to sign up for an email if it offers deals, and women are more likely to use coupons. However: all email recipients say they unsubscribe when the content becomes repetitive, so you must include other content as well.
  • 91% of women said that advertisers don’t understand them. The “pink it and shrink it” campaign of computer companies and yogurt brands have come off condescending and insulting, and the criticism in response has tanked many less than savvy marketing to women schemes. A novel idea may be to treat women as intelligent, discerning humans — just like men.
  • Women want to know about a product before they invest time or money in it.


If your newsletter articles inform about the product and its attributes — or link to a landing page with a video review and 360 degree movable preview and exhaustive product details — women may be interested in buying.


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