10 Benefits of Email Preference Options

Using an email preference center, where subscribers can personalize their email preferences is a great idea. This gives subscribers the opportunity to modify their preferences, like what content they receive and when they will receive it. It also gives them a place to opt-in to additional emails or unsubscribe from them completely.  This can really help you when segmenting your list and expanding your database. It can help you analyze who is committing to your email campaign.  This can help create customer satisfaction and improve your ROI.

The Ten Benefits: 

  1. Email preference centers enable your subscribers to self select their segmentation. Your user’s segment themselves by choosing which lists to join.
  2. It can reduce unsubscribe rates. It allows users a way to edit their preferences so they receive fewer messages or unsubscribe with ease if that is what they really want.
  3. It creates a permission based relationship with your customer and really displays the fact that you respect them, and what they want. This lets the customer know that you are interested in providing the best services to them.
  4. It showcases all the communication resources that you offer.
  5. It creates a communication channel between you and your audience.
  6. It gives your subscribers control. They get to be in the driver’s seat and they decided what and when they will receive. They also have access to change and update their information.
  7. Expands your databases. When you have a preference center, you can have forms that are a little more extensive that the original opt-in. You can get more information on the subscriber, their buying habits, the demographics and more.
  8. Having an expanded database with details can help your better target your offers and emails.
  9. It can give you opportunities to cross and up-sell.
  10. You can even add mobile and social media preferences. A lot of business’s preference centers or profiles include the preferences of the other places the subscriber connects to your business. 

A preference center may not be for everyone, and if you don’t have multiple lists or segments, it may just be overkill.  But a preference center can be a great resource for both the subscriber and you.

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