Are You Wasting Your TIME and MONEY With CRM?

In recent years, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software has been considered the most innovative tool in sales departments. It was proven to be very effective for sales efforts, but we are now getting the point of needing more than a system that stores and reports on data. Rather, we need a system that creates added demand, nurtures prospects and drives additional revenue.


Recent economic changes have placed budget strains on sales and marketing departments. Plus, there has been even greater pressure for management to get more for less. It is a huge investment to maintain a customer database. Additional expenses come from the money needed for computer software and personnel needed to maintain it. Organizations start lessening their budgets in order to handle initial exorbitant costs. The other challenge? CRM systems tend to produce slow returns. The large investment that is spent up front may not show returns for many years. This tests the patience of the company and can lead to employees and management falling behind on their efforts to improve implementation.


The truth is that CRM systems are far from simple. Sufficient training is needed in order for your team to comprehend and deal with business problems as they arise. Ironically, a CRM system is supposed to be based on the customer, but after implementing a CRM system, you have to be careful not to lose customer focus. Although the system is based on the customer, the employee needs to be too. It is highly essential to put focus on your employees.

The importance of enabling your team with cost effective tools and technologies to be more effective has never been more relevant. It is imperative to have the right tools to capture more customer information and engage when the prospect is ready. The engagement process has to be monitored and measured in order to get in front of the right contacts with consistent resonating content.


In order to achieve best-in-class productivity, organizations have to keep up with and adopt new technologies that moves beyond traditional CRM and lead management. Companies must focus on engagement, training, and changing the behavior of your marketing efforts through the most recent innovative solution: Unified Marketing.

Unified Marketing software gives organizations a significant lift in productivity because it enhanced the automated marketing and selling process. This eliminates wasted time, ensuring consistent messaging while tracking every lead. Without question, companies that invest in Unified Marketing get a return on their investment.

Are you ready to save time and money?

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