Advantages Email Has Over Social Media



Social media has lots of opportunities for marketers and can be a valuable player in their marketing mix, but email has some punch power too. Email has many advantages over social media and here are 10 reasons why:


  1. Personalization: Email content can be very personalized with content and data that is specific to the particular subscriber. There isn’t really a way to publish automated, personalized content on social media platforms and until there is email beats social media in this round.
  2. Tracking and Reporting: Email can track a reader’s clicks, opens, forwards, conversions, bounce-backs and more. This statistics can provide very accurate data and create a picture of how the recipients received and responded to the offer. Social media offers some statistics, but not in the same ways that email does.
  3. Better conversion odds: If the goal is getting the subscriber to follow the call to action on your message, email is a great platform for that. You can create a visually attractive message with a personalized offer that is targeted and purposeful.
  4. Segmentation: Providing targeted marketing has a lot to do with segmented list. Facebook and Twitter do have list features but you group your friends and followers, rather than segmenting them by demographics and preferences.
  5. No length limitations: Twitter gives you 140 characters to speak you piece, and Facebook has a cap too. Email is special because your message has no restrictions. With email, the length of the message is up to the discretion of the marketer and not the marketing channel.
  6. Creativity: Email gives marketers the option to explore their creativity by allowing the message to include text, graphics, and more.
  7. Longevity: Email is usually seen within the first 24-48 hours that it is in the inbox, but email has the option to sit in the inbox until the reader has time to open it. Social media is so fluid and generally oriented in a time based manner that if someone could miss your post completely.
  8. Environment: People check their inboxes expecting messages from people and businesses. People checking social media can often feel overwhelmed and cluttered by content from friends/family, business, ads, notifications and a million other things that compete for their attention with friends and family usually winning out. When people are expecting your content, they will probably may more attention to it.
  9. Significant relationship: An opt-in email is someone saying I want to receive information about your business and putting in a little effort to sign up. While social media likes and follows may consist of that, but often it is see what others are saying or an opportunity for engagement. It is a lot easier to click like or follow than to enter your information in form to receive updates.
  10. Guaranteed views: When you send an email to a valid email address, you can be confident that the recipient will most likely see it. And you know if they open it or not. With social media, you never really know if they even see it.
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