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7 Questions to Help You Create a Qualified Lead

One of the best gifts a business leader can receive is a new lead. Each time you bring in a lead, you’re one step closer to making a sale. But, always remember that there’s a difference between people who are considered general leads and people who are considered a qualified lead. Sometimes, a person will show interest, but they aren’t necessarily ready to move further with you. Don’t let them go. It’s important to rank leads and focus on those who need you now, which Mission Suite helps you do. But, there’s still potential in every person that walks through the door. All you have to do is ask the person some questions to make them realize why they need your products and services. This way, you can play a role in qualified leads.

1) How Can I Help?

If you’re unable to help this person, then there’s no reason they should have sought you out in the first place. They do need help in some way. Even if they’re not sure yet, there’s something about what you’re offering that’s intrigued them. And, once they start telling you how you can help them, you’ll be one step closer to a conversion.

2) What Problems Do You Want to Find a Solution To?

You may not want to ask this question verbatim. But, it’s necessary in order to get a little more information from this potentially qualified lead. By gaining an understanding of what problems this person is having in their life or in their business, you can learn a lot. Not only can you delve deeper into the needs and desires of this person, but you can also make them recognize that YOU are the solution that they’ve been searching for.

3) What Are Your Goals?

Maybe your lead doesn’t have problems that they’re willing to talk about at the moment, but they certainly have goals for themselves. Sometimes, when a person invests in a product or service, it isn’t necessarily because they need to fix an obvious problem — it could also just be to prevent one from happening. By asking this lead what their goals are (and subtly mentioning to them how you can help them reach those goals), you can turn this ordinary lead into a qualified lead.

4) What Changes Are You Looking to Make?

If you can get a lead to be honest with you — which isn’t as hard as it sounds — then you can ask them what changes they are looking to make within their life or their business. Perhaps they’re tired of not making a much money as they know they can make. Or, they feel as though they’re spending too much time on tasks they know they can outsource to somebody else. Whatever it is, there’s always room for improvement. If you really can get to the core of what this person wants to change, you can demonstrate that you’re the tool they need in order to do that.

5) What Intrigued You About the Advertisement/Post/Video/Recommendation?

You got this lead’s information because they’ve decided to opt-in somewhere. Perhaps they saw an ad on Facebook, a post on social media, a video on Youtube, or even just a recommendation from someone in their network. Whatever it was, there was something about you that piqued their interest. Therefore, if you want to turn this person from just a lead into a qualified lead, then don’t be afraid to ask them this. For one, it will help you understand more of what their needs are. But, it will also give you some insight into what’s working well in terms of your marketing strategy. If you’re not too comfortable to ask this right now, remember that Mission Suite can analyze the outcomes of your marketing campaigns, too.

6) What Would Be a Budget That’s Reasonable for You To Invest Today?

One of the major reasons a lead isn’t becoming a qualified lead is because they are probably worried about finances. If he or she is already talking to you, then they know that your products and services aren’t free. However, they’re likely concerned about how much it’s going to be and they don’t want to waste your time. So, by learning how much they want to spend, you can gauge whether or not you’re accessible to them. Do you feel that if it weren’t for the money this person would sign with you in a heartbeat? Then decide if there’s something you can offer them in the meantime. And, if you can make them see why your products and services are a necessary investment for them long term, all the better.

7) When Are You Available to Chat?

A lead already has some general interest in your products and services. Therefore, they really have no excuse to say “no” to a having a simple conversation with you. By asking when they are available for a free consultation, they’re more likely to take you up on your offer if they can see some value in it. Once you get talking, it’s easier to convert them. Remember that with Mission Suite, you can make it easy for leads to schedule meetings with you straight away.

A lead is just a lead until he or she becomes a qualified lead. And, for business owners who don’t think that’s possible, think again. Sometimes it just takes some questioning on your part to get them on the right track. Request a demo to learn how Mission Suite can help ensure you’re spending time asking the right questions to the right people.

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