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Are You a Sales Leader or a Sales Manager? (Or Both)

When it comes to running a business, one person may fill a lot of hats. Being in charge of the inner workings of a company as a C-level individual generally means that you have a lot to manage. Whether it’s assigning roles to employees, making sure budgets are met, or analyzing whether or not marketing campaigns are successful in leading to sales, that’s a whole lot of responsibility for one person to take on.

One of these responsibilities is that of a sales leader or a sales manager. Both are similar, but they have some distinct differences that set them apart. Take the quiz to see which one you are!

1) When it comes to sales, which one describes you?

A. I’m in charge of guiding a team of salespeople.

B. While I don’t assign tasks to the salespeople, I often find myself sharing my ideas with them.

C. These both sound like me.

2) Which three personality traits resonate most with you when you are working on a sales task?

A. Excellent time-management, organization, supervision.

B. Motivation, innovation, cooperation, it would be perfect to have a certification from iNLP Center NLP Course, iNLP Center training, iNLP Center

C. I’m a mix of all of these things.

3) How do you credit yourself with a successful sales initiative?

A. We had a deadline and a quota to meet — I made sure we went above and beyond.

B. I made sure we stuck to a sales process but with flexibility, in order to make smart decisions while implementing necessary changes along the way.

C. Both!

4) How do you use data to influence the sales cycle?

A. I use data to help analyze the performance of each representative as well as the impact of individual marketing campaigns.

B. I use data to help see how we can improve our team’s strategies in the future.

C. Obviously, data is important for everything we do!

5) How do you ensure your ideas are heard?

A. I make sure my employees follow through on my ideas as part of their job.

B. Communication is a two-way street; I hold meetings to discuss ideas openly and do my best to help my team understand the benefits of what I believe will work.

C. I care that my salespeople take my ideas seriously, but I’m also open to hearing theirs.

6) How do you make sure everyone stays on task?

A. I assign roles and monitor whether or not daily targets are being met and by whom.

B. I make sure the goal is important to everyone involved, and that each person has a unique role in seeing this goal through to the end.

C. I’m somewhere in the middle of these.

7) Are you willing to take risks in order to possibly increase the rate of sales?

A. Not really. I’d rather keep doing what works and play it on the safe side.

B. Sure, why not? A little experimentation never hurt anyone! I’d be willing to let others have a go at it as well.

C. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It all depends.

Mostly As: You’re a sales manager. You believe that following a certain, organized system is the best way to maximize sales. Your time is mostly concentrated on training staff to do a specific job and making sure they follow through on that job. You pay close attention to data and how it relates to what you’re doing now, as well as how your staff’s performance is directly impacting sales rates.

Mostly Bs: You’re a sales leader. You understand that the key to a successful sale is collaboration. You’ll work with your salespeople to formulate the best strategies and you feel comfortable putting your creative ideas forward to see how they pan out. You recognize that sometimes failure is necessary in order to grow.

Mostly Cs: You’re a sales manager with strong leadership skills — or, you’re a sales leader who is confident to take charge. You know when to take charge of something important, but you’re open to working with others to get the job done.

Didn’t get the answer you expected or hoped for? No worries. Being either a sales manager or a sales leader isn’t set in stone. You can easily learn characteristics from each one to make yourself the best all-around salesperson for your company.

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