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There’s No “I” in Team, But There are Three in Digital Marketing

There are a lot of factors that go into a successful digital marketing approach. The idea of digital marketing involves spreading your brand across as many platforms as possible. These days, that’s a lot to try and do. So, it no doubt takes a cooperative team in order to get that done efficiently.

One way to ensure your digital marketing goes places is by remembering the “I’s”. First of all, never forget that working with your team will take your campaigns further. But, if you want to go beyond that, then take note of this lIttle trIck:


When it comes to digital marketing, doing what everyone else in your industry is doing isn’t going to lead to amazing results. If you really want to make an impression on your current customers and your leads, then it’s time to try something new and different. Now, being innovative doesn’t mean you have to come with the next Facebook. It could be something as simple as taking a new approach to your content, learning more about how to use hashtags effectively, or finding a unique way to take your business offline.


It’s no secret that nowadays the best way to engage your followers is by getting them involved. Companies are finding various ways to do this. Getting the voice of your audience and incorporating that voice into your digital marketing campaign is how you spread your brand further. To start, make sure all content and website material can be viewed across all devices. This makes it easier for users to “like,” “share,” or take a poll on something that matters with your followers.


Lastly, you must ask yourself whether or not your digital marketing campaign involves others. The first place to practice this “involvement” is with others in your own company. It’s important to remember that sales and marketing need to work together in order to execute a strong marketing campaign across the board. Once that’s successful, you can move onto the next part: Making sure people know who you are.

A great method to spread the word about your company is by hiring a digital services company to help run your campaign. They can help you get to know others in your industry by doing guest post on a familiar website with a large following while backlinking your own company’s website, which is a great place to start. You can involve others through Twitter posts, and reach out to established brands about doing joint campaigns. As long as the audience can come back to your company, your digital marketing campaign will have been effective.

There are only three “I’s” in digital marketing. Use that to help guide each one of your digital marketing campaigns off the ground.

And, part of “getting it off the ground” is also getting “out”.  Getting your campaign out to where you need it to go can take a lot of time and money. But, a marketing automation service takes that away. Request a demo with The Mission Suite to learn how!

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